Virtual Credit Card - Apply Online for Instant Approval | SC India (2024)

Virtual Credit Card by Standard Chartered Bank

Welcome to the electronic version of your credit card – secure, easy to use, and instant. Now you may initiate the use of your instant virtual credit card as soon as you are approved for it, even before the physical card and password are sent to you.

More Benefits

Using a virtual credit card in the digital era is not just a smart decision, but a way of life. All your personal and professional transactions, from travel booking, to shopping, to bill payments or subscriptions, now have an online option. Here are a few great reasons to opt for instant apply and approval of virtual cards:

1. Boundaryless usage – Virtually transact from any location, at any time
2. Rewards on spends – Earn rewards on all spends, from bills and travel to leisure
3. Organized expenditure – Keep a tab on all expenses with consolidated statements
4. Remain updated – Stay informed with alerts and reminders for payments
Virtual Credit Card - Apply Online for Instant Approval | SC India (2024)
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