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Fragile One's Gimp

Just a quick thing before I get back to doing uni work

Taylor from her couch watched the newest member of the Undersiders. While they were getting things sorted out Victoria, the former Glory Girl, was stuck here at Skitter’s base. Taylor wasn’t exactly sure what had happened to Glory Girl, all she knew was that Panacea was involved somehow and she had done some horrific stuff to Glory Girl when she had been reconstructing her. All Taylor knew was that it was likely sexual in nature, and it had affected not only Glory Girl, but her power as well.

Gone was her old costume, and most people likely won’t be able to recognize her. Rather than being in her old costume, she was completely covered up by her force field. From the outside, it looked like some inky black latex suit, with no openings anywhere except for a ponytail of blond hair to sprout out of, and it was extremely skin tight. No sound came from the suit when it moved, it supported Victoria’s large breasts perfectly despite how thin the material looked, and it did the bare minimum to preserve Victoria’s decency.

A part of Taylor’s mind was inadvertently brought back to a naughty magazine she found once. Taylor imagined Victoria putting a corset over her suit, perhaps some stockings and gloves, maybe even a tail to go with the ponytail. Maybe a proper ponytail, with some rigging to connect…

Taylor shook her head and tried her best to ignore the shivering girl. Though how she was shivering Taylor wasn’t sure. Taylor always made sure that her rooms were just a bit hotter due to some of the more exotic bugs she had.

Then Taylor noticed something. Victoria’s nipples were poking out. Hard little nubs, and Taylor swallowed. For some reason a bit of saliva had started to build up there. Taylor slowly walked up to Victoria, watching her smooth shiny black face as she approached. No shift, no change, nothing. Taylor looked down at Victoria’s bountiful breasts and frowned.

I wish I had breasts like that Taylor thought as she looked down at her own. Eventually her gaze went back up to Victoria’s hard nipples. Taylor felt her mouth water some more for some reason… maybe…


Victoria moaned around the crystalline co*ck sliding into her mouth. Her legs were made of jelly, but because of her power, she was still upright as she was being f*cked hard in both holes. Victoria ground her crotch against the unyielding shields of her power, it’s co*cks driving into her with wild abandon. Victoria attempted to clench her hands into a fist again, or just grab onto something, but her power prevented her from doing so.

Her power, the Fragile One, Victoria had learned, was in control at the moment, and Victoria wouldn’t have had it any other way at the moment. She… she… she hated how she had enjoyed some of the things that Amy had done to her. Most of it was horrifying, disgusting, and down right demonic, but… there had been some things...

Suddenly Victoria felt the co*cks in her speed up, sending waves of pleasure through her even faster than before, causing Victoria to lose focus on what she was thinking about as she tried her best to hold onto reality. Victoria’s eyes rolled back as she felt herself coming closer to the edge of her tenth org*sm. She… oh God… she needed this. She… She didn’t want to.

Victoria screamed out in pleasure again as the co*cks started to thrust even deeper into her, maintaining their new speedy pace while Victoria’s mind once more lost focus. Further and further into her the co*cks went, making Victoria gag a bit on the one in her throat while she clenched on the ones in her puss* and ass, loving the sensation they were blasting her mind with. Pleasure, that’s all Victoria could think of as she was f*cked into oblivion by her power.

Th-thank thank you! Victoria cried out in her mind as she was f*cked by her power, made to forget everything except her power’s crystalline co*cks as she was f*cked. She could hear nothing, see nothing, and feel nothing except for the hard suit her power had made as well as the co*cks driving her up the wall with mind numbing pleasure.

Victoria couldn’t hear her power, instead, she simply felt it. Love, pure unrestrained love for her as she thought that. It made Victoria feel fuzzy inside, a different pleasure from the ones given by the dicks plundering her holes. Were Victoria able to she would have tried to hug her shard, her Fragile One, but her power was enjoying keeping her helpless too much to let her go, and Victoria didn’t want her to.

Since the first time that the Fragile One showed her the mind numbing power of org*sms and pleasure, Victoria wasn’t sure she could take not having it nearby anymore. Not, not after…

Rather than the speed of the co*cks changing or their depth, their size increased, and then suddenly Victoria felt something touching her breasts. S-skitter was here. She… she’d forgotten. Victoria’s eyes widened, and she tried to move, to stop Skitter from touching her, but the Fragile One stopped her. Instead, she felt her head move, and then suddenly Victoria could see. She could see Skitter touching her breasts, playing with her nipple as the bigger dicks f*cked her ass and puss*, driving her even quicker to org*sm.

God this was hot. Suddenly Victoria felt herself tipping over the event horizon of her org*sm. Victoria bucked her hips into the co*cks as she pushed her hands to her puss*, pushing on it while her other hand went for the breast that Skitter wasn’t molesting. Victoria threw her head back and cried out in ecstasy as she was f*cked by her wonderful Fragile One.

Victoria knelt as she came, her mouth wide open as the co*ck in her throat vanished and she was able to scream out her wanton cries of pleasure. Victoria felt handles to the co*cks form on the lower part, and she grabbed hold of the first one while she pinched and punished her nipple. Somehow, she was able to drive the thick co*ck into her faster than her power had, and soon felt herself approaching another org*sm in so many seconds.

Victoria thrust her hips into her co*cks, driving the co*ck in her puss* deeper as she f*cked herself. She gasped and panted as her hidden eyes rolled back once more. Victoria’s hand on her breast flew from it’s previous place and grabbed a hold of the other co*ck handle in her ass, and tried to do the same as she had before with her puss*. But the position was awkward and she couldn’t do it as fast as the one in her puss*.

As if answering her troubles, Victoria felt the co*ck elongate until it bumped against the floor. Overjoyed, Victoria bounced on the co*ck, driving it hard and fast into her ass as she f*cked herself hard. She didn’t want to remember, she didn’t want to remember, remember… re… mem…

Victoria cried out once more before she finally fell back. After twelve org*sms since her power had shown her it’s new form, Victoria was spent. She breathed hard through her mouth, her head against the hardwood floor of Skitter’s base. Her hands out to her… side… Victoria’s eyes widened as she realised that the Fragile One had stopped immobilizing her while she had been f*cking herself for that final twelfth org*sm. Victoria was able to see through her power’s shield once more, and she saw Skitter trying to look like she had been doing anything other than watching her f*ck herself, a massive blush over her entire face as her hands started to move towards her crotch before she quickly crossed them over her best.

Oh God...

Thread Necromancer's Graveyard - Chapter 42 - Thread_Necromancer (2024)
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