History :: Red Devils MC Aalter :: 1% Red Devils MC Aalter - Belgium 1% (2024)

History of Red Devils Aalter

During the summer of 1994 some individual bikers meet each other in a local bar at 'Zomergem'. As suspected, the main speaksobjects are motorbikes. Soon everybody decides going touring on Sunday afternoon, but after a few weeks some people are having troubles, mainly about speed, because there all kinds of bikes: customs, racers and tourings. The customdrivers formed their own group, and right there our story began: we decided to form a club.

During 1995 we officially go by the name "M.C. Arapaho". Our clubhouse is called "Oud Liefken", a blues bar in "Zomergem", and we stayed there for a year, but after some discussion with the bar owner, we decided to move on. We found a new place to stay, called "De Cantharel" in "Ursel". We enjoyed great times over there and the relationship with Erica, the owner, is just supberb! Our club has 40 members now, which is not always very easy. During that period we build a good understanding with the "Hells Angels Ghent".

End 1999 Erica decides to quit, for personal reasons, which gave us the ultimate opportunity to get our own clubhouse. Our efforts were being payed off, we found a great space on the edge of "Ursel", near Aalter. Totally abandonned and in a bad shape, but with full enthousiasm we started to rebuilt everything. On first december 1999 we could finally move in. On that moment our club has 15 members.

On November 2000, a Saturday night, an event occured which meant the end of our club. We had a conflict with dramatic consequences, as written before. A few brave among us decided to continue with a bikersbar, called "Geronimos Bikersfarm".

On the end of 2002 we get a proposition from "Hells Angels Ghent" to become prospect "Red Devils", which we immediately accepted, and finally on the first September 2003 we've become the full membership and colors, which we wear with pride and honor.

End 2006 we had to look for a another clubhouse because the old has been sold. After a small search we found a new great place in the neighbourhood.
On Saturday the 14th of October 2006 we openend officially and called our new home 'The Devilsfarm'. We are now with ten members and two close friends.

In 2012 Red Devils MC Aalter is now 9 years on the road & we still wear our colors with PRIDE and HONOUR. The last years Red Devils MC became a bigger family all around the world with new chapters in Turkey, Italy, England & a lot more (see the Brothers link on this website).

It´s now 2013
This year will celebrate our 10th anniversary Red Devils MC Belgium,al over the world there are a lot of new members in the RDMC World we welcome them all with Love & Respect. Now on the end of 2014 the club has been growing at RDMC Aalter, there is a lot of new blood been coming in the club thats mean that the club is on his way to a great future and the family is getting bigger, it´s still a honor for us to be a Red Devil and our relationship with 81 is still great.

In 2016 the club is getting bigger and stronger with a lot of new Brothers. We are still alive and kicking al over the World *13 Years on the Road *.

We are now at the end of 2017,chapter RDMC Aalter Belgium is stil on the road with a lot of Brothers and a lot of new Close Friends *14 Years on the road * L&R

In Belgium we are now on this moment with 6 chapters all over Belgium & we
*support the BIG RED MACHINE FAMILY all over the world*

We are now 2022.

The club is still growing inAalter ´Belgium´ and all around the world.

We have new chapters in Ukrain,Iceland and the rest of the world.

We are still proud to wear thecolors of Red Devilsand to be a part of THE BIG RED MACHINE FAMILY.

Next year we will be 20 years on the road and we will have a big celebration party at our clubhouse ,The Devilsfarm .

Devils Forever Forever Devils
Support 81 Belgium & World

This is our Devilsstory!!!!!!!
The Moral of this story: *only the strong will survive*

History :: Red Devils MC Aalter :: 1% Red Devils MC Aalter - Belgium 1% (1)

History :: Red Devils MC Aalter :: 1% Red Devils MC Aalter - Belgium 1% (2024)


What is the history of the Red Devils MC? ›

The Red Devils MC were initially founded in Karlstad, Sweden in 2001. A chapter emerged the following year in the United States in Massachusetts. A Red Devils chapter would then go on to be established in Belgium in 2003, and later, expand into other countries.

Who are the Red Devils? ›

The Red Devils are an elite unit of the British Army Parachute Regiment. The 15 members are highly-skilled paratroopers chosen through a rigorous selection process.

What are 1% biker clubs in Canada? ›

The common term “1% Club” distinguishes outlaw motorcycle riders from the majority of motorcycle enthusiasts who are law-abiding citizens. It's worn as a symbol by outlaw bikers and often seen as a pin, patch or tattoo. Outlaw motorcycle gangs exist in every province of Canada.

What motorcycle club is 184? ›

His well-worn club vest is adorned with numerous badges, and his fingers are decorated with large rings, two with devil heads and another inscribed with “184 MC” — a coded reference to the Red Devils.

What is the Hells Angels MC symbol? ›

The term "full-patch" refers to the complete four-piece insignia, including the "Death Head" logo, two rockers (top rocker: "Hells Angels"; bottom rocker: state or territory claimed) and the rectangular "MC" patch below the wing of the Death's Head.

Are the pagans affiliated with the Hells Angels? ›

The Pagans are categorized as an outlaw motorcycle club by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). They are known to fight over territory with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club (HAMC) and other motorcycle clubs.

Who is the Red Devil girl? ›

During her scenes as the Red Devil, Hester was portrayed by stuntman Riley Schmidt. A female actress, Olga Wilhelmine Munding, was hired for later episodes, specifically for Hester's scenes in the costume.

Who was the first female Red Devil? ›

Jackie Smith, British Skydiving Association D-1113, first began skydiving in the British military Women's Royal Army Corps. She joined her nation's Red Devil Free Fall Display Team in 1971 and two years later became the first woman to receive the parachute regiment's red beret.

Who is the fourth Red Devil? ›

The fourth and last Red Devil revealed was Hester Ulrich in The Final Girls.

What is a 3% biker? ›

3% MCC are a clean and sober motorcycle club and although primarily UK-based, have members scattered across the globe.

What is Hells Angels 1%? ›

Outlaw bikers refer to their organizations as “one-percenter” motorcycle clubs (MC) rather than gangs. The term “one-percenter” originated from a statement made by the American Motorcycle Association in response to a motorcycle rally held in 1947 in Hollister, California, that turned violent.

What does 13 mean to a biker? ›

Generally, it is assumed someone wearing a 13 patch is either a user of marijuana or other drugs, or is involved with the sale of them. The M also has been known to stand for "methamphetamine".

What does 81% stand for in the biker world? ›

A 81 supporter is anyone, of any gender, age, motorcyclist or not, who has enthusiasm and admiration for Hells Angels Motorcycle Club World and its philosophy of life. If you have any of these features, you may already be considered a 81 supporter.

What is a 0% biker? ›

The club's motto is, "Death is my sidekick and the highway is my home." A "0%" diamond is worn in place of the traditional "1%" which all outlaw organizations use to separate themselves from the other 99% of law abiding motorcycle riders.

What does the FTW mean in Hells Angels? ›

Literally it means F the world. It's not specifically biker slang, but like DILLIGAF it's predominately bikers who fly it and use it.

What is the origin of the Red Devils nickname? ›

English rugby club Salford had toured France in the 1930s wearing red shirts and became known as "The Red Devils". Busby liked the sound of it, so he declared Manchester United should also be known as "The Red Devils" and soon the club began incorporating the devil logo into match programmes and scarves.

What club is known as the Red Devils? ›

Manchester United, English professional football (soccer) team based in Manchester, England. Nicknamed “the Red Devils” for its distinctive red jerseys, it is one of the richest and best-supported football clubs not only in England but in the entire world.

What does Red Devil stand for? ›

What does it mean to be a Red Devil? It means being determined and persistent. It means taking charge, taking risks, taking on the world. It means being an athlete, a musician, a researcher, an explorer, an entrepreneur, a leader—or all of the above.

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