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Bloons Tower Defense 4 Expansion Unblocked Free

Bloons Tower Defense 4 Expansion Unblocked is a fun strategy game in the tower defense genre and one of the best versions of the series. Defend the path by tactically placing different defenses around the map. Face monkeys and enemies, protect castles, and upgrade balloons to become stronger. Explore new maps and use 16 new weapons that you can customize.

In addition to upgrading defenses, punches have advanced to higher levels. The essence of the game is that it will not miss the enemy balls, and displays an impressive defense to fight against the monkeys. Choose the appropriate game mode and enjoy amazing cartoon graphics, great colors, and attractive and exciting gameplay. As well as play online multiplayer through your browser easily and without downloading the game.

About Bloons TD 4 Unblocked Online

Bloons Tower Defense 4 Unblocked is one of the most popular and fun spot-to-play games out there. This type of game is enjoyable and interesting, and it contains strategic and adventurous elements within the gameplay, which makes you addicted to play. BTD 4 is one of the versions of the famous series that was developed by Ninja Kiwi, which includes various other versions. It seems that this series of games is very familiar to everyone and is famous for its content and images.

This is what made BTD one of the most popular adventure and action games on Android and iOS at the present time. When you play BTD 4 Online, you can enjoy the same gameplay with sandbox mode and other main game modes. Your main task within the game is to protect the towers and castles, strengthen your defense, and confront Alfred in custom battles. Use dozens of different maps, some of which include 3D objects and monkey towers that you will destroy.

Defend the path by placing tactically different defenses around the towers. Use your strategy to distribute defenses and upgrade them after each level. The game will take you in a magical and beautiful world, with amazing cartoon characters, and great visual and sound effects. In addition to three-dimensional figures in the design of constellations, monkeys, and other characters. Start playing now and immerse yourself in an exciting challenge and unparalleled tower defense battles.

Bloons Tower Defense 4 Gameplay Video

How To Play Bloons Tower Defence 4 Online?

The controls in the game are simple and smooth and are the same as the controls in the previous versions. So if you have played any of the other versions of Bloons Tower Defense 4, the game will be very familiar to you. All you need to do when you start playing is to organize your defense around the map to protect the balloons and towers from attacking monkeys.

Epic battles will take place between you, which you can command and use tactics to destroy enemy castles and protect your kingdom. You can improve the combat and defense characteristics of the balloons. There are 16 new unlockable weapons and defenses as you progress through the game and reach new levels.

Most of these items can be upgraded to deal with new threats and destroy monkeys and enemies more effectively. Also follow different paths of defense, which can change based on each map. Besides, develop your attack and create an all-out war as you build tower defenses against balloons and gain more strength and experience. Bloons TD 4 contains different game modes, accordingly, your tactics and playing style must be changed in each new mode.

Bloons Tower Defense 4 Advantages

Protect Your Kingdom From Monkeys

Even your opponents in this game are cute characters, although they are your first enemy in the gameplay. Therefore, you must distribute your defense in an orderly manner around the map, defend castles, and prevent monkeys from destroying towers. In addition to using offensive plans to destroy enemy bases and bases and win the battle in order to move to the next level.

Destroy Enemy Towers

There are a lot of opponents around you and they differ in each new map. Therefore, use the elements of attack in your forces in order to be able to destroy enemy towers and castles and control them. In order to be able to expand your empire and strengthen your power. You can activate the bubble abilities of each hero. Create new game strategies around the strength and synergy of each hero.


Bloons Tower Defense 4 upgrade are one of the most important options you can use to boost your power. Where you can upgrade defenses and towers. In addition to unlocking both skins and in-game voiceovers to allow you to customize the gameplay. Also, use 16 new weapons, and most of these items can be upgraded to deal with new threats and take down enemies more efficiently.

Game Modes

There are main game modes that are familiar to all players, such as defense mode or attack mode, and both of them will be used during battles against monkeys. Moreover, use the career mode and other main game modes. Not only that, but enjoy using the new sand mode, which is one of the most important features.


When we talk about graphics, enter BTD 4, we are talking about a vast world of characters and creatures with different designs. In addition to HD graphics and 3D backgrounds. Plus attractive visual and sound effects while playing. The game will take you in an amazing mythical world that you will never get bored of.


  • Use your strategy to defend the towers.
  • Custom epic battles against lions and monkeys.
  • Destroy your opponents’ bases and castles to win.
  • Strengthen your defense and use upgrades to protect your kingdom.
  • Explore new levels and maps.
  • 16 new weapons you can use.
  • Different paths of defense.
  • Upgradeable defenses.
  • Nice cartoon graphics.
Bloons Tower Defense 4 Unblocked - Play Free Online Game (2024)
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